5 surgery rooms fully equipped with Hepa filters and Laminar air ventilation:
Generally extensive dental procedures can be done at low cost rates which are the main advantages of dental treatment in Bodrum State Hospital:
A stunning sea view from the huge windows that provides every patients with an opportunity of being relaxed:
If you get an expensive treatment in your country, we offer guarantee of public price and affordable prices:
Our aim is to provide outstanding private healthcare in a safe, comfortable and welcoming enviroment:
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Operating Hours: Monday - Friday: 08:30 - 16:30 / Emergency Service: 7/24:

Our policy is based on confidentiality and reliability. We make every effort to preserve patient’s information. We ask you for personal information or medical information to ensure that you receive an appropriate care and treatment. These infomations can be shared just only with staff to provide further medical treatment for you. We aim to give  a friendly and Professional service to all patients and we take all complaints seriously. We try to do our best  for patients’ saticfaction. We are committed to providing high quality services at a competitive cost within a safe environment. We  are innovative and open-minded to  changes. We have been improving our  abilities and facilities day by day. We are commited to caring for all people who come through our doors , regardless of ability to pay , to the fullest extent allowed by law and available resources. Bodrum State Hospital is not for-profit organization and we aim to serve  patients in better conditions.

Simply put,Our Guiding Principles;

  Patients’ individual satisfaction with our services is the best measure of our success.

  • Our employees  and medical staff are most important organizational resource.
  • Broad community participation in our programs is essential.
  • An atmosphere of support and opennes encourages innovation.
  • Quality can be continually improved in an atmosphere of support and openness.
  • Quality care must be affordable.
  • Be a significant positive force in our hospital.
  • Caring is as important to quality health care as technology.
  • Facilities and policies should be designed to enhance the healing process.
  • We are commited to preserving and enhancing the environment.
  • Responsibility and honesty are essential.






Public Health Institution


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