5 surgery rooms fully equipped with Hepa filters and Laminar air ventilation:
Generally extensive dental procedures can be done at low cost rates which are the main advantages of dental treatment in Bodrum State Hospital:
A stunning sea view from the huge windows that provides every patients with an opportunity of being relaxed:
If you get an expensive treatment in your country, we offer guarantee of public price and affordable prices:
Our aim is to provide outstanding private healthcare in a safe, comfortable and welcoming enviroment:
BUY A TICKET FOR BODRUM: Guides you to keep healthy while you
Operating Hours: Monday - Friday: 08:30 - 16:30 / Emergency Service: 7/24:


  Bodrum  State Hospital welcomes clients who are self paying or sponsored by  their company as well as patients with private medical cover from all major insurance companies. Our payment policy is formed by The Turkish Republic Health Ministry, so you can see the same price in every Turkish States Hospitals. We provide a range of fixed price packages for a wide variety treatments. Our patients know that what their hospital costs will be, thus avoiding any unexpected or unpleasent surprises later on. We have aggrements covering medical insurance schemes. The whole process is smooth and simple. We will tell you precisely what is  included and what costs may be additional to your  cover. Patients can always check with their insurance company before embarking on any form of medical treatment.

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