Bodrum State Hospital

Outpatient Clinic Entrance of Bodrum State Hospital

The government is the biggest health service provider in Turkey. Every city, town and many of the villages have various health facilities run by the state to serve 80 million citizens. Bodrum State Hospital has been working around the clock to find a cure for patients since 1995 as the only general hospital owned and run by the state in the peninsula.

In 2011, the hospital management had decided to set up a new department called International Patient

Unit to match the specific needs of international patients by providing guidance and translation services. By considering the touristic potential of the region, all the hospitals in Bodrum provide multilingual services. But let’s be honest, I wouldn’t expect such an approach from the state which has a reputation based on bureaucracy, distant communications and insisting on status quo. However, apparently there are some people out there trying to make a change in Bodrum State Hospital and I appreciate their hard work on my behalf.