04 Nisan 2018

Each year, more than 2.800.000 people from all walks of life come to Bodrum. Bodrum State Hospital , located in the heart of Turkey , has grown and evolved in direct response to the changing healthcare needs of the people it serves. Our patients come from nearly 60 countries. We, as Bodrum State Hospital , have been putting the needs of patients first for more than 22years.

Bodrum State Hospital offers a wide range of health care services at 3 locations, including the main hospital, outpatient facilities : Dental Health Center, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. It serves Bodrum Peninsula and surrounding communities through locations including the main hospital , outpatient facilities. Our hospital is to provide the best medical care with the highest quality standards and fulfill their expectations with the aim of sending them back home healthy , satisfied and happy.

Throughout Bodrum State Hospital , you’ll experience a level of service that sets us apart. From professional interpreters who speak more than 4 languages, to convenient curbside wheelchair service , our staff members treat every patient like a VIP.