Your Hospital Stay
25 Aralık 2018

Admission and Discharge

Before you are admitted to the hospital, the International Patient Unit will call you to obtain preliminary information, provide important information regarding your hospital stay and answer your questions. Your doctor also may schedule routine medical tests, such as laboratory tests or X-rays, before your hospitalization. Other routine tests may be done on the day of your admission.

What to Bring

We have anticipated many of your needs so you can keep the items you bring to the hospital to a minimum. To help make your preperations easier we organized what you need to bring lists. The first list includes your medications, conditions and related paperwork. Your health care team needs this information in order to have a complete understanding of how your health care is being managed. The second list concerns your belongings. These are items you may want to bring for your own comfort as well as the items that we kindly ask you to leave at home. List of what to bring regarding your valuables and personal belongings.

  • Clothes for day of discharge
  • Glasses or contact lenses, hearing aid and dentures
  • Reading material, crossword puzzle, Sudoku
  • Hair clips, head bands, hair ties
  • Slippers